Easy Vegan Food Recipes

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In fact, there are many vegetarians As long as they research and create meal plans, vegetarians can maintain a healthy diet eating traditional meals or ethnic dishes. Which is why today, we are sharing the best tasty vegan options that are scrumptious and fast and simple to prepare.

1. A Quick Vegan Sandwich, Wrap Or Bread Roll

Going vegan is difficult, specifically for individuals with workplace tasks.

The Strange Foods that we Eat

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If you thought that eating ice cream for breakfast or porridge for supper was weird then you have something to be grateful for. This is because in the world of weird foods you are completely normal. There are people around the world who eat and drink what might leave you with your mouth agape.

Snake wine, South-east Asia

Next time you're complaining about the tepid chardonnay you've been served in a pub, just be grateful that you haven't been served a nice glass of snake wine.

Nutrition during Pregnancy

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Don’t eat meat? Check out these protein-rich foods for pregnant women. Iron-rich vegetarian options include dark leafy greens, cooked dried beans, quinoa, lentils, dried fruit and tofu. Sourced from:http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/eating-well/week-11/big-nutrition-small-packages.aspx

In many cultures, fish is a symbol of fertility unfortunately when you are expectant; you must limit your seafood consumption. This is because fish contains traces of certain mortal that could harm the unborn child.

The FDA recommends limiting your consumption of fish to about 12 ounces a week, the equivalent of about two servings. Sourced from:http://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy-eating-well

All soft non-imported cheeses made with pasteurized milk are safe to eat. Sourced from:http://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-health/foods-to-avoid-during-pregnancy/