The Strange Foods that we Eat

Published on Author Yasmin Knowles

If you thought that eating ice cream for breakfast or porridge for supper was weird then you have something to be grateful for. This is because in the world of weird foods you are completely normal. There are people around the world who eat and drink what might leave you with your mouth agape.

Snake wine, South-east Asia

Next time you’re complaining about the tepid chardonnay you’ve been served in a pub, just be grateful that you haven’t been served a nice glass of snake wine. This popular beverage is believed to have important restorative properties in countries including China and Vietnam. It can either be made by steeping a snake in rice wine, or by mixing snake bodily fluids, such as blood, with the alcohol.

Fried spiders, Cambodia

The Cambodian delicacy of fried spider is something of an acquired taste. These little chaps are tarantulas, served with a lime and black pepper dip in the Phnom Penh restaurant Romdeng. According to Clive Graham-Ranger’s book with Luu Meng, Cambodia’s Top Tables, the restaurant serves over 200 a week.

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Would you drink someone else’s urine? What about eat eggs boiled in urine? You might say know but during spring it takes place somewhere. A cute bird always loses its heart not to its mate but a plate in Iceland. The human appetite has no bounds.

Tong Zi Dan – Virgin Boy Eggs

Tong zi dan is a traditional Chinese delicacy in Dongyang, considered as a “local intangible cultural heritage” in 2008. The catch? The eggs are boiled in the urine of boys, hence the name Virgin Boy Eggs. Crazy stuff, no?


Puffin Heart

Another creepy delicacy is the Puffin heart. The puffin, a specie of birds, is skinned and its heart is removed and eaten raw.

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There are cases of people who ate something weird and it was the end of their life and no it wasn’t food. Some ate strange concoctions.


You’ve probably heard about poor Tennessee Williams (above), but the story bears repeating … and maybe updating. The playwright was hanging out in his room at the Hotel Elysee in New York in 1983 when he apparently popped a cap into his mouth—the type that you typically find on eye drops or nose spray—and then accidentally choked on it. Rumor spread that Williams had choked to death on an eye drop cap, but a medical examiner later found the presence of the barbiturate secobarbital (“dolls”) in his system. The theory of one CUNY professor is that his death may really have been the result of mixing the Seconal with other substances, “kind of a Michael Jackson situation,” but Williams’ companion managed to talk the medical examiner into putting the bottle cap reason down on the death certificate.


Cherries, man, they’re such a menace. In 1980, Steve Peregrin Took (not his birth name) of the band Tyrannosaurus Rex was pretty excited when the band’s manager managed to get the guys some back royalties they were owed. Took, who was no longer a member of the band, was so excited that he basically blew the money on a huge bash that included magic mushrooms, morphine, and booze. After taking a magical mixture of all of those things, Took’s mouth went numb, making conditions just right for a cocktail cherry to slip into his throat unnoticed. He was 31.

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